New: WB-S 160-6 - Flip over conveyor 180° for small sizes

 Product overview


We manufacture machines specially tailored to post press production. Our aim is to increase the productivity in the single part processes and also in the complete workflow of the production. Here you will find an overview about the manufactured machines as well as the designed and delivered finishing lines.

Pressing units                                                                                                             

PU 600/800           Standard pressing unit                                                              

PU 600/800           Pressing unit with  Power Control System PCS                      

PU A3+ / A4+       Pressing unit for small formats                                                  

PU - S 230              Sealing presses for PIN-TAN letters                                         


PSS 600 / 800       Pressing unit with shingle delivery                                             

PSH 600 / 800       Pressing unit with horizontal stacker                                        

PSH A3+                 Pressing unit with horizontal stacker for small formats          

PSV 600 / 800       Pressing unit with vertical stacker - standard for book production

LS A4 +                  Automatic bundle stacker with integrated pressing unit (bundler - log stacker)

PSHB 600 / 800    
Pressing unit with horizontal stacker and banding unit         

Automatic package deliveries - Stacking deliveries - markfree                                

PAHB 500 / 800 - PCS   Automatic package delivery with banding unit               

zero 600 / 800 - PCS    Automatic package delivery                                                

Pharma deliveries                                                                                                          


Customized deliveries for pharmaceutical leaflets:

cut and folded leaflets, booklets, inserts, outserts, tagserts

=> please ask us for your most effective solution.

Compensating counter stacker                                                                                    

flex 25-18         Compensating counter stacker for saddle stichter - standard

flex 25-18-B
     Compensating counter stacker with banding unit

flex 25-18-BD  
Compensating counter stacker with banding unit and 2 pushers for high speed

flex 25-18-E
      Compensating counter stacker with ZIP-Code sorting

PK 328              
Compensating counter stacker for perfect binder

Inline punching machines                                                                                             

ST 220              Die cutting, cutting, crosss cuting, perforating, hole punching